Thursday, 10 April 2014

All my bags are packed…

Another epic adventure is about to unfold. This time the traipsing trio are off to Asia – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and China all in just 27 days.

For those new to our travels, let me introduce ourselves. First there is Schwartz vonBear. More than just another fuzzy face, he is the travel mascot, laying claim to many many miles with his head poking out of a backpack or more casual fanny pack. He has a job to do, two in fact. He is the scale prop for the photos – with him in the picture, perspective comes into clear focus. He never protests being pulled out an overstuffed fanny pack to sit up happily in any location, even the high ones. Job Two is that of Bon Vivant, the bear of good cheer, always ready to lead the way to the pub or cafe for a little smackerel of something. He’s happy with a pint of the local brew, a bottle of red or white wine, espresso, macchiato or latte. On our trip last year he acquired a taste for grappa, limoncello and slivovitz, though not all at the same time! What will he discover this time?

The little bear is ported from place to place by one of two sherpas – a couple who have been together for
nearly forty years, the last dozen of which have witnessed the most far flung travel destinations. April and Norbert take a lot, and I do mean A LOT of pictures! When travelling with a tour group they start out at the front, but soon drift back until they are well back of the pack, gaining the disapproval of the guide and others. Fortunately for most of their explorations they only have to keep up with Schwartz. On last year’s venture to the eastern Mediterranean and the Adriatic, some of which they had visited before, these sherpas clicked off 6827 digital images. This is the first time the 60+ year olds will be trekking in Asia. How many pictures will they take?
Stay tuned.

©2014 April Hoeller


  1. i am, as usual, so very excited for you both! is truly a blessing to be able to travel and learn about other cultures and engrave the beautiful images of far flung countries in your minds...the smells and sounds are usually so unique...not always great, but different. Travel is a sensory overload.
    Be safe. Be open. and for God's sake ....BEHAVE , for once!! :):) xo "BON VOYAGEEE" , as the wascally wabbit was know to say

  2. Have a fabulous time. Remember to look for the gigantic golden pig & piglet necklace in the window of that jewellry store on Nathan Road, on the Kowloon Side! And beware crabby taxi drivers.

  3. I, for one, will certainly be following this blog with great interest! Make sure Norbert remembers his camera this time :) As Wendy said: "sensory overload"!!! Have a wonderful trip!!!